Trexapro review

Trexapro is a male enhancement supplement that is primarily geared towards regaining a man’s natural vigor and sex drive to perform better in the bedroom. It is equipped with strong testosterone boosters, nutrients, and PDE-5 inhibitors to help men achieve better erections and sexual performance.

It’s no secret that older men start to struggle with sex due to a number of factors. For 80% of men worldwide, the main cause of sexual decline is the reduction of testosterone levels. Testosterone naturally declines as men age, and even more so because of the lifestyle  of modern men. According to statistics, men suffer from testosterone decline at a much faster rate than men who lived in the 1900s. Because of this, more and more men suffer from testosterone decline, and simply accepted their fate as the decline appears to be natural. However, testosterone decline is something that could be managed to allow older men to enjoy sex and be active.

That’s where Trexapro comes in. Trexapro is loaded with testosterone boosters and vasodilators to produce the right conditions and allow men to continue enjoying their sex lives. Unlike some of the top male enhancement supplements that we have mentioned on our list, Trexapro is more on the milder side, because of its target market. However, this does not diminish the fact that Trexapro is incredibly effective in producing results that allow men to perform well again in the bedroom.

Trexapro vs other male enhancement supplements

Trexapro sits at the fifth spot on our top male enhancement supplements list. We have reviewed hundreds of male enhancement supplements over the last few years, and we singled out some of the best supplements to ever hit the market. Trexapro is great for older men who simply want to regain a normal sexual function, but for men who want something more, such as to become even better in the bedroom, regardless of age, there are better options in the market, such as our top pick, Male UltraCore.

Male Ultracore’s formula, while several times more intense as Trexapro, is just as safe, or even safer than Trexapro, given its highly-effective and balanced formulation. As men, it’s expected to want the best male enhancement supplement on the market today, but at the end of the day, it all boils down to your preference and comfort level. Trexapro edges majority of the supplements we have reviewed, and that is why we placed Trexapro on our top male enhancement supplement list.

What men say about Trexapro

Trexapro has been around for quite a while, and while there aren’t as many reviews about Trexapro yet, we have tracked several user reviews  of Trexapro and determined that the majority of its customers are quite satisfied with the product. During the course of our review, Trexapro ended up on the top of our list, before we got to the heavy hitters in the industry. Trexapro scores well because of its ability to restore normal sexual function due to sexual health problems caused by poor circulation or libido. Many of the reviews we read about Trexapro suggests that its customers chose Trexapro over other male enhancement supplements because it possesses convincing evidence that it can help older men regain better erections and libido to continue to enjoy their golden years. Even though Trexapro is marketed towards older men, there is a significant number of younger men who enjoy the benefits of Trexapro.

How Trexapro Works

Trexapro centralizes its formula on the core factors that affect sexual performance due to aging, As previously mentioned, sexual decline due to aging is caused by poor testosterone production and blood supply to the penis. Trexapro alleviates this problem by introducing a consistent stream of nutrients that are geared towards maintaining healthy testosterone levels, while reducing the impact of poor blood supply to the penis. Trexapro uses nitric oxide boosters to dilate blood vessels and improve blood supply to the penis, making it easier to gain an erection, while testosterone boosters naturally enhance sex drive to induce erections. By continuously taking Trexapro, men can steadily improve their sex drive and erections, leading to an improvement in their ability to have and enjoy sex.

Is Trexapro Safe?

One of the main concerns about Trexapro is its safety, especially for older men who may have certain health complications. Due to the milder nature of Trexapro, one may think that the formula is indeed safer for older men. However Trexapro has not disclosed any study that could lead to this conclusion. As supplement analysts, we strongly suggest that you check with your doctor first before taking any kind of supplement, as it may have an effect on your health, especially if you are undergoing medical treatment.

How to take Trexapro

Each Trexapro bottle contains 60 capsules. Take two capsules in the morning before your first meal of the day. This would allow the formula to be completely absorbed by the body, and remain active for the next 24 hours. We strongly suggest that you take Trexapro daily for about 60 days to experience the best results.

Where can you buy Trexapro?

Trexapro is exclusively available online at Trexapro does not have any official distributors at the moment, and the product is only made available online through their official website to prevent counterfeit products. As of writing, we have not encountered counterfeit Trexapro products sold elsewhere, but to be safe, buy Trexapro from the official website only.


Trexapro is an excellent male enhancement supplement for the right customer. Men who buy Trexapro do not buy it for its intense sex drive or erection boost. Rather, men buy Trexapro for its mild, but effective support for sexual health. If you want an intense sexual enhancement boost, there are other products that could deliver the results you want, such as Male UltraCore.