Testograde Review

Testograde is a male enhancement supplement that utilizes testosterone boosters to deliver a massive boost to sex drive and endurance. It utilizes all-natural ingredients that increase testosterone production while inhibiting testosterone reduction. An increase in testosterone subsequently improves overall libido and endurance, enabling men to perform better in the bedroom.

Testograde is one of the best testosterone boosters in the market today, and not just in the world of male enhancement. The formula’s testosterone-boosting component rivals even some of the best testosterone boosters used in muscle performance supplements – but Testograde isn’t just your garden variety aphrodisiac;  it’s also equipped with vasodilators and sexual health support nutrients to ensure that you improve your game in the bedroom.

While the majority of male enhancement supplements load their formulas with testosterone boosters, Testograde takes it further by incorporating its formulas with testosterone boosters and enzyme inhibitors to preserve the high testosterone levels. Testograde also emphasizes on free testosterone levels by using components that increase not just testosterone, but free testosterone as well.

Testograde vs other male enhancement supplements

It’s easy to mistake Testograde for another herbal aphrodisiac, but Testograde’s sex drive-boosting capabilities are on a different level. With the traditional herbal aphrodisiacs, you can expect to feel a boost in sex drive that induces an erection. With Testograde’s long-lasting formula, you are more likely to experience a surge in libido that further boosts your performance as well.

Over the last 5 years, we have reviewed several hundred male enhancement supplements, and based on our analysis, Testograde ranked as the best testosterone booster for more than a year, until we came across Male UltraCore and its impressive STEM technology. However, this does not take away the fact that Testograde is still an amazing testosterone booster.

Testograde is geared towards men who want to achieve the full male enhancement experience. With its impressive capability to enhance free testosterone levels, men can also use Testograde as an add-on supplement that would boost their muscle performance.

What men say about Testograde

Testograde is on a class of its own, being a sexual enhancement supplement that can also be  used as a muscle performance supplement. The unique offering of Testograde made it appealing for men who want a healthy sex life while performing muscle enhancement exercises.

For the past several months, new reviews about Testograde has been published in various supplement websites, citing the impressive results of Testograde as a sexual enhancement supplement and also as a performance  booster. The versatility of the supplement gives more value to the product, which is why men chose Testograde over other male enhancement supplements, believing that it is a more practical choice.

Even with the emergence of better, more dynamic male enhancement supplements like Male UltraCore, Testograde manages to hold its own, with plenty of its loyal customers buying the supplement month after month. There’s no question to Testograde’s customers that the product is indeed effective, but more realistic comparisons to other more superior male enhancement products have yet to be published.

How Testograde Works

Testograde’s formula centers on testosterone production and retention to produce the best androgenic benefits. First, it has components that interact with the Leydig cells in the testes to increase testosterone production. As with many other male enhancement supplements, the increase in testosterone production is enough to result in an increase in sex drive, but the effect will be short-lived as the body has a natural system in place that regulates testosterone levels. Testograde works around the system by incorporating enzyme inhibitors that prevent the aromatization of testosterone into estrogen, creating a buildup of testosterone that allows users to fully take advantage of the benefits of testosterone in the body.

It hasn’t been mentioned enough in the other reviews of Testograde, but Testograde also has a mild nitric oxide booster that allows it to support the erectogenic factor of testosterone. With the help of nitric oxide, men with erectile dysfunction problems could find themselves getting erections with ease.

Is Testograde safe?

As with many testosterone boosters, Testograde is safe to take by healthy individuals. Since Testograde also contains components that work on your cardiovascular system, we would recommend anyone to check with their doctor prior to taking Testograde, especially if you are undergoing treatment for cardiovascular problems.

Testograde also does not contain any ingredient or component that are banned by sports associations. Also, we would not recommend the stacking of Testograde with other testosterone boosters that you use to improve muscle performance.

How to take Testograde

Each Testograde bottle contains 60 capsules. Take two capsules in the morning before your first meal of the day. This allows the formula to be absorbed optimally by the body, and remain active for the rest of the day. Testograde recommends that you take the product for at least 60 days to experience the full benefits of the product.

Where can you buy Testograde?

As of writing, Testograde is only available online through its official website, Testograde.com. There are several resellers in some online marketplaces, but we would recommend that you purchase directly from the website to ensure the authenticity of your supplement. Purchases made outside of the website will not be covered by Testograde’s money-back guarantee.


While Testograde is no longer the best testosterone booster on the market today, it doesn’t mean that the product is inferior or outdated. Male Ultracore is fairly new, and it features all of the latest research in male enhancement, and Testograde can still match with Male Ultracore if we comparing the metrics. That being said, choosing Testograde should be purely based on your preference. Men who buy Testograde despite the emergence of these new products choose Testograde simply because they are more familiar with how the product works.