Alpha XXL Review

We’ve known about Alpha XXL for at least a year before we created our list of the top 5 best male enhancement supplements. We thoroughly tested Alpha XXL and some of us in our team even ended up using the product for several months. While Alpha XXL was impressive in its performance and formulation, our expectations for the best male enhancement supplements shifted once we did our Male UltraCore review.

Alpha XXL and Male UltraCore have some similarities in their approach to male enhancement, but Male UltraCore simply presents a much better formulation and technology, which is why we put Male UltraCore as the top male enhancement supplement. That being said, it does not diminish the value of Alpha XXL since it is still one of the best male enhancement pills we ever had the pleasure to review.

Alpha XXL First Impressions

As men who live and breathe male enhancement, we are particularly meticulous when it comes to pills that claim to increase penis size. While there are no supporting studies that prove penis enlargement to be a scientific occurrence, there are certain studies that concern the quality of erections that men have. Alpha XXL markets itself as a penis enlargement supplement, and thus so, we cross-referenced its formulas with the studies that we have come across.

True enough, Alpha XXL’s ingredients were consistent with the herbs used in the studies, and this gave us a great deal of understanding towards Alpha XXL prior to our actual testing. Alpha XXL’s formula involves testosterone boosters and vasodilators, and it has the potential to increase erection size based on the formulations we’ve observed in other male enhancement supplements.

While Alpha XXL claims to have penis enlargement results, our initial assessment of the formula revealed that it has the content and the quality to achieve respectable improvements on erection quality and libido.

What Alpha XXL users have to say

 We’ve checked online for Alpha XXL reviews and discovered that it holds an impressive satisfaction rating of >90% from its users. Alpha XXL has been around for several years, and we’ve tracked close to 100+ users giving the thumbs up for this amazing male enhancement supplement.

Here’s where it gets interesting…

Some Alpha XXL users apparently are under the impression that Alpha XXL actually increased the size of their penis. Based on our experience with products that are proven to increase erection size, it’s easy to see why Alpha XXL users think that Alpha XXL actually increased the size of their penis. Whether or not this is an actual increase in penis size or an increase in erection size, it speaks volumes about how  effective the product actually is  in increasing penis size.

Is Alpha XXL safe?

When it comes to vasodilator-based male enhancement supplements, Alpha XXL is definitely one of the safest in the category. It has a meticulously-balanced formula that focuses on the increase in nitric oxide to assist in improving the blood supply to the penis. However, every supplement carries a certain level of risk. That’s why Alpha XXL is not recommended for men with cardiovascular problems as the increase in nitric oxide may cause certain complications with other maintenance medicine that also work in the same manner. Even so, Alpha XXL is rated safe by the Alpha XXL users that we have tracked. If you have some health issues, please check with your physician first before taking Alpha XXL.

Where can you buy Alpha XXL?

Alpha XXL is exclusively available online through its website, Popular male enhancement products like Alpha XXL are always at risk of being copied or counterfeited by some companies, and it helps to know that you are purchasing a 100% genuine product. Do not buy from any other source other than the official website as Alpha XXL does not have any official distributor for their product. Also, only purchases made from the website are covered by Alpha XXL’s money-back guarantee.

Alpha XXL Ingredients


L-Arginine is an extremely effective nitric oxide booster and is primarily used in bodybuilding supplements to increase blood supply to the muscles. Alpha XXL uses L-Arginine to increase blood supply to the cavernous spaces in the penis to allow the elastic tissue to expand further, leading to an increase in erection size. L-Arginine works primarily to increase cGMP, which is responsible for the dilation of blood vessels.


Yohimbine is a natural compound sourced from the Yohimbe plant and can help control vasoconstriction and vasodilation. Yohimbine helps to  focus blood supply to the penis during penile tumescence to further increase blood volume and pressure and allows the penile chambers to expand further.

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is the primary testosterone booster in the formula. Tongkat Ali primarily prevents aromatization or the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. It also helps increase free testosterone levels by blocking the binding of testosterone to SHBG. It also has certain properties that reduce the stress hormone cortisol, which may impair testosterone production.


Zinc helps in maintaining testosterone production by supplying the essential nutrient needed for producing testosterone in the testes. Zinc interacts with the Leydig cells in the testes, which triggers an increase in testosterone production.

Hawthorn Berry

Hawthorn berry is primarily used to help maintain healthy blood pressure by supporting the body’s natural process in dilating and constricting blood vessels. Alpha XXL leverages hawthorn berry as a natural support supplement to improve blood supply to the penis without increasing the risk of cardiovascular problems.

Should you buy Alpha XXL?

Alpha XXL is one of the best products we’ve reviewed as it provides a consistent and reliable increase in erection size. We consider Alpha XXL as a milder erectogenic and testosterone booster compared to industry giants, such as Male UltraCore. If you want a hardcore increase in erection size and sex drive, Male UltraCore would be a much more practical choice. However, if you want to simply test how the increase in erection size works on a smaller, milder scale, then Alpha XXL is definitely for you.