About Us

SEASUNDAY.ORG is a supplement review aggregate website that reviews, tests, ranks, and analyzes supplements based on ingredients, technology, popularity, feedback, and public impression. The group was established in 2012 as an independent review website and transitioned into supplement reviews.

Our rankings are based on various factors that we have established.  Each supplement review on this website is done so independently, and without sponsorship, support, or payment by any of the products that we review.

SEASUNDAY.ORG and its members, contributors, authors, and subject matter experts regularly discuss and analyze each product to determine its pros and cons, so customers would have a better source of information before deciding on a purchase.


As an independent group, we advocate for credibility and innovation. We intend to expose brands and products that we deem fraudulent, fake, or unworthy of our readers’ interest. With so much information being manipulated online, our objective is to differentiate facts from fiction. Through unbiased assessment of each product, we aim to provide customers with raw facts to give them the capacity to make an informed decision. Through our unbiased reviews, we intend to highlight products that exemplify innovation and value-for-money and single out products that could be improved so our readers and the public would have access to better, more effective supplement solutions.


The supplement industry has an immense potential to greatly improve the lives of billions. We aim to contribute to the supplement community through real and unbiased reviews and erase the stigma of fake, dangerous, and overpriced supplements. Our ideal supplement market is devoid of all overinflated claims and pseudo-science. Through unbiased, truthful, and consistent product reviews, we aim to start a movement that follows through with our mission to create a community based on credibility and innovation.

Our Team

The SEASUNDAY.ORG team is composed of various experts from a wide range of backgrounds, including medical research, nutrition, naturopathy, and sexual health. Our individual experience and expertise in our fields allow us to formulate a more cohesive understanding of each supplement product that comes our way. We genuinely believe that science is the most important aspect of providing real, unbiased reviews, and our experts on each of our fields allow us to dissect the science, expose the flaws, and recognize the innovators in our supplement community.

Our Promise

In order to keep our reviews unbiased, credible, and fresh, we promise that we would not take on any endorsements or create content that would damage our website’s impartiality. You can count on us to continue updating our database of supplement reviews to keep you current on the latest products, developments, and discoveries in the world of health supplements. We promise that we would not use this website and our audience to malign or damage any product. Our reviews, whether negative or positive, will always be supported by facts coming from reliable and reputable sources. As the supplement industry is ever-changing, you can count on us to continue updating our understanding of the industry, its science, and its customers.