2019’s Best Male Enhancement Pills – All You Need To Know

Here’s the honest truth that pharmaceutical companies would never tell you – male enhancement pills are much more dynamic and effective than the pills they sell to men. If penis Rx pills are so good, then why do people still buy male enhancement supplements?

Men have trouble admitting that they have a problem with their sexual performance, much more so if they had to see someone about their sex problems. Think about it – would you be comfortable talking about your sex life with a complete stranger? That’s why male enhancement supplements have become the first choice for men to improve their sexual performance. With more demand, comes more investments into research and development. Now, we have male enhancement supplements that are much more effective than the pills sold by pharmaceutical companies. 

Instead of pills that force an erection, the best male enhancement supplements now can give you every nutrient you need to improve your sexual performance. After all, that’s what men really want. Nobody wants to have an erection that they can’t use. The best male enhancement supplements give you the biggest and hardest erections you’ve ever had, together with the strongest and fiercest sex drive you could ever dream of. With your erections and sex drive in sync, you’d be a beast in the bedroom, and no woman can say no to what you have to offer.

The best male enhancement supplements are just out there to be discovered. We reviewed over 300 male enhancement supplements over three years, and we selected the top 5 male enhancement supplements that you should definitely consider.

Male Enhancement Comparison Overview

Brand Pros Customer Rating Best Price
Male UltraCore -Contains standardized extracts – Powered by STEM and VI-PEX Technologies – 2800mg/dose – Supported by over 75 pages of scientific data/research – Clinically-tested to increase erection size, libido, and stamina        5 stars       $99.95
Vascudrol -Excellent vasodilation technology – Impressive Testosterone and vasodilation combination – Uses high-grade ingredients       4.5 stars  
Testograde -Excellent testosterone enhancement formula – Increases free testosterone levels – Boosts libido and endurance     4.5 stars  
AlphaXXL -Great erection booster – Has  the potential to increase erection size – Boosts erection hardness and duration     4.0 stars  
Trexapro -Reduces the risk of erectile dysfunction – Perfect for older men – Improves sex drive – Improves erection quality     4.0 stars  

What are male enhancement pills?

Male enhancement pills are supplement health products aimed to improve a man’s sexual performance, pleasure, and overall experience. These supplements have taken on various forms, such as erection enhancers, aphrodisiacs, hormone boosters, and endurance enhancers, while the best brands offer the best combination of benefits that thoroughly enhances a man’s overall sexual experience.

Some male enhancement herbs have been used for centuries to cure impotence, improve fertility, or induce erections. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda have pioneered several herbal treatments that are still being used today in modern supplements, such as Horny Goat Weed (Yin Yang Huo) and Ashwagandha. In fact, these herbs are among some of the most studied herbal treatments that are proven to improve sexual performance in men.

 With today’s advancements in research and product development, the world’s best male enhancement supplements can deliver results such as:

  • Increased sex drive
  • Improved erection size and hardness
  • Enhanced endurance
  • Increased semen volume

Today’s male enhancement supplements have become so effective that it became the practical choice for men who are not satisfied by simply getting erections from prescription medicine. Considering the dangerous risks associated with drugs, men have turned to safer and more effective solutions in male enhancement supplements.

Should you buy male enhancement supplements?

Considering the extremely expensive price tag of prescription erectogenic pills and the cost of seeing a urologist to get your prescription, most men have turned to male enhancement supplements as the practical solution to their sexual health problems. Not only are male enhancement supplements safer compared to prescription pills, but the best ones are also equipped with high-quality ingredients that give you a better overall sexual enhancement experience, and not just simply getting an erection.

However, not all male enhancement supplements are made the same. Roughly 90% of all male enhancement brands are simply rehashed versions of old products that simply faded into the sunset. These old, outdated products are of course inferior compared to the new, breakthrough supplements that are currently available.

Browsing through thousands of male enhancement supplements can be time-consuming and exhausting, but in order to get to the good ones that would give you the experience you want, you’ll need to get as much information as you can to make a decision.

Your male enhancement choices

We understand how difficult it can be to search for the right male enhancement supplements. As supplement critics, we have personally reviewed hundreds of male enhancement products, and we came up with a list of some of the best male enhancement supplements that we’ve come across. Keep in mind that these supplements are extremely potent, so a certain level of caution should be exercised.

Also, our reviews may not necessarily reflect what the products claim to achieve, and these are simply based on our unbiased take on these products. We examined the following products based on their formula, science, ingredients, and user feedback to determine which product you should be considering. After all, male enhancement products are not cheap, and it helps to know that you are choosing the right product for your needs.

When choosing the right product…

A lot of factors come into play. The ingredients, science, customer satisfaction, aftersales support, and many more need to be considered before zeroing in on a product. To save you the time and effort of looking into each product one by one, we have compiled all the basic information you need to make a smart decision.

Here are the top male enhancement brands on the market today:

#1 Male UltraCore

If you want to cut to the chase and simply get to the top brand on the market today, here it is. Male UltraCore ranks as the #1 male enhancement supplement in 2019 in no less than 30 other supplement review websites. Despite being a fairly new brand, Male UltraCore brings innovation and quality that haven’t been seen in any other male enhancement supplement before.

Male UltraCore
Industry-best technology Exclusively available online
Standardized extracts New product
Exclusive discounts  
First-class shipping  
Money-back guarantee  

Male UltraCore was developed over the course of several years, undergoing extensive testing and studies to ensure that its breakthrough formula is both safe and extremely effective. There’s a reason why longterm male enhancement customers are now switching over to Male UltraCore – it’s because there simply isn’t anything like it before.

Male UltraCore brings you the complete package of everything you could ever want from your male enhancement supplement. It also comes with massive discounts and free products for loyal customers – and that’s just on top of what the product is really about, which is to bring you the biggest, hardest erections you’ve ever had, and the fiercest, most intense sex drive you could ever have in your life. For many men, taking Male UltraCore is a life-changing experience, and here’s why:

What makes Male UltraCore special?

Male UltraCore is a one-of-a-kind male enhancement supplement that simply broke through the mold of the traditional male enhancement pill. Don’t get us wrong – we love male enhancement pills, and many products are simply amazing, but Male UltraCore is simply on a different level. It’s on a league of its own. No other brand can match Male UltraCore today, and it all starts with the ingredients that the product uses.

What kind of ingredients does Male UltraCore have?

Male UltraCore  uses standardized extracts in its ingredients, which are essentially purified herbs, with its main enhancement component isolated to ensure  the potency of the ingredient. Think about it this way – let’s say you want to get Vitamin C from an orange. An orange fruit in its raw form has roughly 50mg of Vitamin C. Instead of using a powdered juice drink which has roughly 50-80mg of Vitamin C, it’s much better to take 500mg from a Vitamin C tablet instead. That’s how the ingredients of Male UltraCore essentially works. You don’t simply get powdered herbs packed into the capsule; you get purified ingredients that definitely produce more impactful results.

Where can you buy Male UltraCore?

Male UltraCore is exclusively available online to prevent counterfeit products. Although we hope that Male UltraCore can work its way to your local pharmacies and health stores, we understand that plenty of these products end up getting counterfeited due to their popularity. You can order directly from their main website at www.MaleUltraCore.com and have it sent discreetly to your doorstep. Keep in mind that Male UltraCore is only available at their official website, and they have no authorized resellers in any other online marketplace. Also, if you buy directly from the website, Male UltraCore covers all purchases with a limited,  90-day money-back guarantee, and you can also take advantage of the exclusive discount offered to Club UltraCore members. On their website, you can also sign up as a Club UltraCore member to get exclusive discounts, perks, and free products. Membership is free and will remain active as long as you are a Male UltraCore customer.

Where to get Male UltraCore discounts

As previously mentioned, Male UltraCore offers a 50% discount for Club UltraCore members. Club UltraCore is an exclusive membership club offered by Male UltraCore to loyal customers. Membership is 100% free, and you are free to cancel at any time. As a Club UltraCore member, you can get free products and guides. You can sign up prior to making a purchase to get 50% off your first bottle.

Should you buy Male UltraCore?

We singled out Male UltraCore as the top product in our list simply because it demonstrated superior qualities in all factors that we have considered. With Male UltraCore, you get the best ingredients, technology, customer service, and discounts – and most importantly, the best results. Male UltraCore is simply a product that you can’t afford to miss out on.


We simply can’t wrap up this list without mentioning one of the best vasodilator male enhancement supplements in the market today. Vascudrol is a pioneer in cutting-edge vasodilation technology, which ensures a safe and effective vasodilation effect, which increases erection size and hardness. Vascudrol is the supplement of choice of older men who have problems obtaining an erection. While Vascudrol is an incredibly effective male enhancement supplement, Vascudrol doesn’t simply stop at increasing blood supply to improve sexual performance; it also has testosterone-boosting qualities that enhance sex drive and pleasure.

Intense vasodilation Exclusively available online
Sex drive boost Lacks sex drive intensity
Great for older men  
Discreet shipping  
Money-back guarantee  

What makes Vascucdrol different?

While Vascudrol is best known for its effect on blood supply, very few actually recognize the difference of Vascudrol compared to other vasodilators in the industry. While other brands tend to compare their formulas to the famous blue pills, Vascudrol has the formula that helps safeguard your erectile function, virtually guaranteeing that you would never have to rely on prescription supplements to have a normal sex life. Vascudrol isn’t simply a replacement for prescription pills; it is a smarter alternative that would help you maintain the spontaneity of your sexual encounters by not having to pop a pill whenever you are anticipating sex.

Vascudrol only uses all-natural ingredients which helps reduce the risk of side effects. The reduced risk when taking Vascudrol is a key factor for older men who are taking medication for their health conditions. Although we strongly remind everyone to check with their doctors before taking any kind of supplement, taking a safe and effective product generally helps reduce the risk involved.

Where can you buy Vascudrol?

Just like the other supplements on this list, Vascudrol is exclusively available online through their official website, www.Vascudrol.com. Products that are as popular as Vascudrol are most likely to be copied and counterfeited by certain companies, and it wouldn’t be safe to buy it outside its official distribution. Vascudrol also offers a 90-day money-back guarantee to all customers who wish to purchase it through their website.

Should you buy Vascudrol?

Vascudrol is an excellent choice for men who want a reliable and safe erectogenic supplement that would help them regain a normal sex life. Keep in mind that Vascudrol is primarily geared towards normalizing your sex life, thus intense sex drive is not the main quality that you should look for in this product. The balanced sex drive boost and vasodilation make it a great choice for older men who are only looking to reducing their risk of erectile dysfunction.

#3 Testograde

Testograde is widely-acclaimed as one of the strongest testosterone-boosting male enhancement supplements in the market today. As Vascudrol pioneered the leading vasodilation concept, Testograde pioneered safe and effective testosterone enhancement which targets sexual performance.

Increases testosterone production Exclusively available online
Increases free testosterone levels Lacks erectogenic component
Improves sex drive and endurance  
Increases muscle mass  
Improves semen volume  
Money-back guarantee  

What makes Testograde special? 

Testograde’s formula greatly emphasizes the need for a reliable and consistent testosterone boost that allows men to perform better in the bedroom. Unlike other brands which are simply loaded with aphrodisiacs to increase sex drive, Testograde is made with ingredients that increase testosterone production and at the same time, increases free testosterone levels. Majority of the body’s testosterone is bound to the sex hormone-binding globulin, and Testograde contains ingredients that prevent the binding of testosterone to SHBG to increase free testosterone levels. These free testosterone levels interact with the adrenergic receptors in the body, which increases sex drive, endurance, and erection quality. However, it is important to note that Testograde may not be as effective as other vasodilator-based male enhancement supplements in combating erectile dysfunction caused by poor blood supply.

Since Testograde primarily focuses on testosterone production and increasing free testosterone, Testograde users would also experience the other androgenic benefits of testosterone, such as increased muscle mass, improved muscle performance, reduced body fat, and increased semen volume. Testograde works well for men of all ages, although middle-aged men would benefit most from the increased testosterone levels as testosterone levels would start to decline and impact your sex life at this stage in your life.

Where can you buy Testograde?

Like the other pills on this list, Testograde is only available online through its official website, www.Testograde.com. We asked around and noted that there are some resellers of Testograde in other online marketplaces, but there are no assurances that these products are genuine. To ensure that you get 100% authentic Testograde supplements, order only from the official website. As always, only purchases made on the official website will be covered by Testograde’s money-back guarantee.

Should you buy Testograde?

Testograde specializes in testosterone enhancement, and this should be the only reason why you should choose Testograde from the other products on this list. Testograde works amazingly with men who want to improve their sexual intensity in the bedroom. With Testograde, it’s all about your sexual experience. It increases your sex drive and endurance, and at the same time, it improves your mood and perceived sexual pleasure. It’s a great choice for men who are perfectly satisfied with their erection size and hardness. Keep in mind that while testograde has an amazing testosterone-boosting component that helps improve erection quality, it may not matter if you are having problems getting an erection due to a poor blood supply. For men who want to have better erections while maintaining the superior sex drive edge, Male UltraCore would be a smarter, more practical choice.


When it comes to male enhancement, it’s not all about improving erections and sex drive. For some, it’s all about the potential for increasing the size of your manhood, and that’s what Alpha XXL brings to the table. Alpha XXL is a male enhancement supplement designed to increase your erection size by improving the two main factors involved in achieving an erection – blood supply and sex drive.

Alpha XXL
May help increase erection size Exclusively available online
Boosts testosterone Exaggerated penis enlargement claims
Boosts blood flow  
Increases endurance  
Money-back guarantee  

What makes Alpha XXL unique?

Compared to the other male enhancement supplements on this list, Alpha XXL is arguably unique because it is the only male enhancement supplement that openly claims to increase penis size. While there are no studies that can verify the claims as of writing, it doesn’t diminish the fact that Alpha XXL has the potential to increase erection size, which is essentially similar to its claims. Alpha XXL works by increasing blood supply by tying in nitric oxide boosters and testosterone boosters together to increase blood volume and pressure to the penile chambers. As the two factors are linked together through the formula of Alpha XXL, it essentially creates the right conditions to expand the penile chambers to increase erection size.

Alpha XXL essentially carries the same concept used by Male UltraCore, but it does so on a much smaller scale. Male UltraCore basically uses top-of-the-line standardized ingredients, while Alpha XXL only uses herbal powder components. Although this makes Alpha XXL produce inferior results, it still produces a significant improvement to a man’s erection size.

Where can you buy Alpha XXL?

Just like the other products on this list, Alpha XXL is exclusively available online through its official website, AlphaXXL.com. We spotted some seller ads on some online marketplaces and also on social media about Alpha XXL. It is unclear whether these are genuine or not, but to be on the safe side, only order from the official website. Only purchases made through the official website will be covered by AlphaXXL’s satisfaction guarantee, which covers up to 90 days from the date of purchase.

Should you buy Alpha XXL?

Although we found Alpha XXL to be effective in its own right, it has become essentially difficult for us to recommend the product given the fact that another product is more effective in increasing erection size and hardness. Still, it doesn’t take away the fact that Alpha XXL is better than 99.8% of all the products in the market today, given the fact that it actually produces significant results. Alpha XXL may be a suitable alternative for Male UltraCore, especially for those who may find Male UltraCore to be expensive, although the price difference may be negligible considering that Male UltraCore offers a generous discount across the board.

#5 Trexapro

Trexapro is a male enhancement supplement geared towards men who want to maintain an active sex life. As men age, the body’s capacity to maintain an active sex life decreases. Blood flow gets impeded, and testosterone declines, which makes sex less and less satisfying as men age. Trexapro is equipped with all-natural ingredients that will help resupply the nutrients that the body needs to regain an active sex life.

Prevents erectile dysfunction Exclusively available online
Boosts testosterone Reliable, but effects milder in contrast to other brands
Boosts blood flow  
Increases endurance  
Money-back guarantee  

What makes Trexapro good?

Although Trexapro is marketed as a life-changing male enhancement supplement, it is much more appropriate to think about Trexapro as a sexual health multivitamin. Aside from Trexapro’s effect on blood supply, Trexapro is meant to support sexual health and not elevate your sexual health experience. For men who are not generally looking for an increase in sexual performance or erection size, Trexapro is a great choice as it maintains a reliable supplement that can maintain a healthy sex life.

Where can you buy Trexapro?

The best place to buy Trexapro is through its official website at www.trexapro.com. Although we’ve seen some resellers of the product through various online marketplaces, there are no reports that the product has been counterfeited as of writing.

Should you buy Trexapro?

Given the fact that there are better supplements on this list, it’s important to set your expectations if you plan on buying Trexapro. If you are looking for a massive improvement to your sex life, then other supplements may be a better choice. However, if you are simply after supporting your sex life and you are not comfortable changing anything in the way you experience sex, then Trexapro would be the right product for you.


Male enhancement pills are undeniably one of the most misunderstood supplement products. Customers expect these products to act fast – as a painkiller pill would, but it doesn’t work that way. Male enhancement supplements, especially the good ones, work on several of your body’s processes, and it will take time for your body to adjust to the new normal that is being introduced by the supplement. That’s why many male enhancement supplements are taken daily since the body needs to adjust to the changes. Expecting a life-changing experience overnight would simply destroy the entire experience for you.

Normally, it takes 8-12 weeks for your body to adjust to a male enhancement supplement. After 2 months, you should be able to experience a significant improvement in your sex life. That’s why it’s important for a brand to have an extended money-back guarantee to cover the timeframe if in case you are not happy with the results after 2 months.

Male enhancement supplements are not “magic” pills that would simply cure all of your sexual health problems. Make sure that you take the product as recommended, and be patient and follow through the process. At the end of the day, you wouldn’t want to give up on a product because it didn’t meet your expectations. Most male enhancement supplements could help you improve your sex life, just as long as you take the product as recommended.